TOE PADS - fun colours and smells!

TOE PADS - fun colours and smells!

Gel toe pads are bouncy and jelly-ey in texture. They are extremely shock-absorbent and reduce friction inside shoes. This reduces both blistering and bruising. We stock several styles of gel toe pads from Tech Dance.

The Prestige model has a super-thick (6mm) toe tip and the wings are 9cm long. The thicker toe tip fills up any dead space in your shoe. This extra length in the winds gives you metatarsal protection and is great for anyone treating a bunion.

The Premium model is also popular. With an almost identical design, the Premium have slightly lower wings and slimmer toe-tips.

Tech Dance's gel pads are available in a range of fun colours and smells! They are easy to wash (hand wash in soapy water) and are antibacterial. One size fits all, but these pads can easily be trimmed for a perfect fit.



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